Bromine is a strong smelling chemical element with atomic number 35 and symbol Br. It is red-brown in color and has metallic lusture. Bromine is one of the rarest elements found in the earth̢۪s crust. The properties of bromine are similar to chlorine and iodine and hence it is corrosive and toxic in nature. It is basically a diatomic nonmetal.


Calcium is a number 20 element in a periodic table and fifth most abundantly found element inside earth̢۪s crust. Calcium is the most reactive metal that occurs in nature. It is very essential for living organisms as it is found in bone, teeth and shells. Calcium is a silvery metallic element which is extracted by the process called electrolysis. Furthermore, it is available in various isotopes.

Copper Bromide

Copper bromide is an industrial grade chemical which is extensively used for synthesis of organic compounds. Copper bromide is a green color powder which is soluble in HCl, HBr and ammonium hydroxide. Our product is non-inflammable and non hazardous in nature. Copper bromide is extensively demanded in various laboratories.


Iodide is an ionic compound of iodine in oxidation state -1. It is one of the largest monatomic anions. Our product is checked for quality under various set standards of the industry. It is an industrial grade chemical and highly soluble in water. Furthermore, our product range is highly appreciated amongst customers for its high purity and precise composition.

Lithium Alkoxides

Lithium alkoxides are industrial grade chemicals which are ionic in nature. Lithium alkoxides are involatile white crystalline substances. These are insoluble in non polar organic solvents. Lithium alkoxides resists the prolonged heating at very high temperatures. Furthermore, these lithium alkoxides are widely demanded in various industrial applications.

Lithium Aluminum Hydride

Lithium Amide fine Chemicals

Lithium Borate

Lithium Bromide

Lithium Carbonate

Lithium Chloride

Lithium Hydroxide

Lithium Metals

Lithium metal is an alkali group element which is silvery in color and known for its softness. It has an atomic number three and represented by symbol Li. Our product range is extensively used in different industrial applications. It has atomic mass of 6.941 g.mol-1 and highly demanded due to its low melting and boiling point. Lithium metal has various similar physical and chemical characteristics of that of alkaline earth metals.

Lithium Nitrate

Lithium Silicate


Zinc is a number 30 element in a periodic table with various metallic properties as it comes in the group of transition metal elements. It is the most abundantly found element in the earth̢۪s crust. Our product range has various excellent properties like high malleability, high ductility and high electrical conductivity. Moreover, zinc shows hexagonal close-packed crystal structure.

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